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"James, son of Joseph"...

It's a Lady about 15 years old.

In 1917 she appeared for six times at Fatima, Portugal, to three children: Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta.

These events are historical. They ended by a miracle, witnessed by more than 70.000 people.

Lucia asked the Lady:

— Where are you from, my Lady?

— I’m coming from Heaven.

Here you can see the statue of the Lady. It’s been sculptured according Lucia’s details. When Lucia saw the statue completed she said: «She was so, but not so. She was Light, Light, Light».

evertheless even by this figure we can guess the marvellous beauty of Mary, who is a resurrected creature. On the Earth we cannot find a beauty as the Lady’s and nobody can darken the divine grace reflected in Mary.

Woman among the women, but Virgin and Mother blessed by God to glory of every human being.

Her image wins alone the bewilderment that sometimes takes us. She represents the destiny of the human nature, as Jesus Christ has changed it.

In her Immaculate Heart every splendour of different people, cultures and religions finds a fair honour.

An Angel, appeared three times to the Fatima children in 1916, had said to them: «The Jesus' and Mary's Hearts have on you merciful purposes».


What a providential purposes their hearts keep for ourselves?




This is one of the five statues of Our Lady, carved by request of sister Lucia. It is at Fatima.



Fatima: simple and universal events


The vision of Virgin Mary at La Salette was giving glimpses from Heaven on the world.

At Lourdes the Madonna gave testimony on dogma of her Immaculate Conception.

At Fatima, Portugal, the Angel and the Lady, coming from Heaven, did a “summary” on God’s revelation to humanity, that is, on what He had announced by the Prophets in the Old Testament and Jesus Christ fulfilled in the New Testament.

The Angel repeated, in a simple way, the Christian truth and invited to conversion by means of prayer, sacrifice and reception of sacraments.

The Madonna showed the three children the Hell and urged them to pray for the souls running the risk to go to that dreadful place for the numerous sins they commit.

But in the soul of Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta instilled peace, calmness and trust in the heavenly mercy.

In fact even the secret, committed to them in July 13th 1917, recall merciful images, contained in the Holy Bible, particularly in the Gospels and in the Apocalypse of John. These could come more comprehensible by the recent archaeological discoveries done in Palestine, as the identification of Gamla, a fortress town on Golan, waiting “for the redemption of Jerusalem the Holy”.






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